About Us


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Hi, welcome to the Cabin. It is so good to see you. 

We are here to celebrate people who see value in a slower pace life but are not sure what that means to them. Our products are meant to be little moments of peace, no matter the life you live. 

The Cabin wants to give you a reason to just enjoy being. To recognize what you are already doing to bring you peace and enhance those moments. 

Our main focus is to invite you to a place that eases the soul of every day “being” and introduce products that enhance those small, everyday experiences.

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The Details

Curator’s Cabin is created for the lover of little things. For the detail connoisseurs. & for those needing a reason to settle into themselves a bit more.

You are welcome to breathe here.

We hope the products help you recognize those beautiful little moments where peace resides. The moments where you don’t feel guilty for slowing down, the moments where you are able to just be human, in all your glory. 

Through these moments, we also hope you are able to  find parts of yourself that were lost in the hustle and bustle of everyday living. 

Curator’s Cabin is here to shine a light on what you are already doing to bring you peace. 

All designs have been created with peace, ease, and a little playfulness in mind.

Why a Gift Shop?

Hi, I'm Brooklyn. 

I’m a daughter, a sister, a lover, and a friend.

I created Curator's Cabin as a resting space but also a giftshop for beautiful, little sentiments.

When I go to a new place, I always get inspired by the smaller things rather than the big things. 

From a hand-spun scarf in Nepal to a homemade candle in Canada, the little takeaways are just as special to preserve an experience. 

Also, I want to put more focus on the beauty in giving. There is way more for the giver to experience in gifting beautiful, little things.