Hello, Valentine–Happy Black History Month

Hello, Valentine–Happy Black History Month

In the famous words of Erykah Badu.. "Sistas how ya'll feel?... Brothas ya'll alright?" 

I'm just here checking in to make sure the mic is on and that you are settling well into 2023. 


Personally, It has been a little feral in the best and weirdest ways. I am constantly reminding myself that I chose to take the red pill (insert Matrix quote here) and I chose to avoid the route of capitalism burnout at the wee age of 29 after escaping grind culture by the hairs of my chinny chin..chin. 


I created Curator's Cabin as a mental space to create and decompress. A modern-day secret place. I want to invite others (YOU) to take the time to slow down and enjoy the little moments as well. So here we are. At one of the blackest times of the year where we are embraced by the words of the people that came before us and constantly awakened from the “utopia” America tries to remind us that we are now in. 

I don’t want this to be heavy. I really don’t want this to be heavy. There are so many things we have to face in our subconscious and in our phones that cause the world to be heavier to carry for black humans.


So I won’t make this heavy. 

I’ll make this soft and light. 


How are you?

How is your secret place? Is it cozy and warm?

Is there jazz playing or does your rest call for absolute silence?

These are the important questions. These are the conversations I want to have nowadays. 

What do you daydream of and why are you now making more time for daydreaming than you used to? 


I hope these questions lead you to a peaceful state of mind.

A place to breathe and be only yours if that is what you choose. And as you inhale into this space and exhale situations, moments, and thoughts that don’t serve you - I hope you realize your rest and the release of constructs that did not love your ancestors— is making black history




(An unconventional playlist for moments involving love)



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