5 Thoughts That Help Relieve Baggage

5 Thoughts That Help Relieve Baggage

As Curator’s Cabin is about to turn 1 year old, I have found myself turning another year older---now way more aware of the world around me and all the weight that it brings. A few days before my birthday, I was inspired to cap off a season of my life with things I want to bring forward with me. 


Cynical yet beautiful, little reminders, if you will. 


I hope at least one of these tidbits gives you the space to put down something that you have been carrying with you on your journey. 


5 thoughts that help relieve baggage 



Everyone kinda sucks. Your expectations of human beings will confuse you. Everyone has their issues. The quicker you recognize yours, the more empathy you can have for others, but when that doesn’t work, try seeing things from a bird’s eye view. Usually, it is something going on internally that is causing sucky behavior with people. leave room for error and it is up to you to voice your needs, get over it, or move on from those situations.



Don’t let self-care turn into a chore you must do to feel good about yourself. Be gentle with yourself. Maybe you don’t need to stay out till 5 am to prove that you are still cool. Or maybe you do need to sign up for therapy to release any trauma you had from accidentally joining a cult. Whatever is kinder to yourself, do that. 



Instead of buying a venti Starbucks to keep you awake —- you may just need a nice long nap. Naps are soo underrated. 



Take the pressure off of yourself with work. Look at work as experience to figure out what you do and don’t want in your working life. Work to find out what you do/ don’t like- quitting or losing a job might be the best thing to ever happen to you—-changing and trying out jobs should be a goal of your twenties. Of course, some people hit the jackpot right away but most likely, you’re not going to find the perfect fit right away. I am not sure anymore if there is such a thing as a “dream job” but there are dream opportunities that can lead you down a path of finding something that can get you closer to waking up grateful most days.



Be kind but don’t be nice. “Nice” is very surface level and can result in people pleasing… which can be hard on your own life experience. Kindness comes through when it is time to do the right thing or stand up for yourself. Kindness continues when you are up against a wall. 


P.S. Wear whatever you want. Trends die and resurrect over and over again. Those $150 bell bottoms were worth it.


There is always more to take in and reflect on in this life but I hope this gave you a moment to breathe today and maybe put down some things you have been carrying. 


Brooklyn, inside the cabin

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